An uptime service that gives you confidence that your web app works for your customers.

Your web app returns 200 OK, but is it really working?

Each day, thoughts like these cross your mind:

A change to the checkout process went live - can customers still buy our products?

I changed the global CSS styles - did I break anything?

My teammate's changes conflicted with mine - did my merge break the new sales page?

The new intern's first push went live - does the content on that page still appear correctly?

Is nobody logging in because our ads aren't live - or is the login page broken?

Despite your best efforts, problems happen:

Consistent attention to quality and good processes can catch many problems. But problems slip past even the best development and QA teams.

Separate dev environments, code reviews, automated testing, easy rollbacks, and other technical solutions can provide some comfort.

But you'd rather know with certainty that the live site actually works.

When you deploy, you'd like some confidence that there weren't any unintended consequences.

How do we build that knowledge and confidence?

I'm building Intrepid Uptime as a service that will give us that knowledge and confidence. It is a solution that will be developed in two phases:

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Who makes this?

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Intrepid Uptime is being created by me, Tyler Church.

If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to chat about building software, you can email me at tyler [at] Or hit the chat button in the corner of the page.

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